Air Conditioning Check up & Repairs By Reliance Air Services Florida - Reliance Air Services - Florida

Are you ready for the heat of the summer? Is your air conditioning not working well? Do you think you need a professional check-up? Hi. I’m Xavier of Reliance Air Services and we’ll provide you with the best assessment and repair service that you need.

This is how we work. As soon as you call and tell us what the problem is, we put everything into motion. First, we make an appointment at your convenience. Once we detect the problem, we present a solution, and if you agree we immediately proceed to fix your new equipment. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We offer the following services, air conditioning repairs, air conditioning replacements, air conditioning service, and duct replacement.

Don’t wait. Call now. 833-292-4448. That’s 833-292-4448, or visit us at

Again, don’t let the heat ruin your season. Call now. You will not regret it.

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