Signs of A Heating Problem

Old heating system

Heating systems are complex, with different mechanical and electrical components. These parts may malfunction due to age or lack of proper care and maintenance. Fortunately, companies such as Reliance Air Services have a team of experts who provide quality to run your unit again.

Discovering the signs that your system is malfunctioning allows you to address the issue before it becomes more extensive. Continue reading to learn the warning signs of a malfunctioning heating system. Make sure to contact a reputable provider of heating repair in Bradenton, FL, when you notice them.

Uneven Heating

Hot and cold spots in your space might occur due to poor heating installation, particularly in the ductwork. Improper sealing ducts during installation causes leaks where air escapes, consequently leading to uneven temperatures. Hire experienced professionals to ensure proper installation of the unit.

Weird Odors

Your unit might produce strange smells due to several reasons. For instance, the smell of rotten eggs or Sulfur indicates gas leakage from your system. Other smells include burning due to motor function or other electrical components getting extremely hot. You shouldn’t take this lightly because it is a potential fire hazard. If you notice this odor, turn off your system and call a professional for an inspection. Musty smells show moisture build up in the vents. It’s hazardous since it causes mold growth, leading to allergic reactions and respiratory concerns. Calling a technician for heating maintenance would be helpful.

Strange Noises

Typically, a heating unit operates relatively quietly—accordingly, unusual noises from the unit point to a problem. For example, knocking sounds indicate an issue with the fan. This may occur due to the misalignment of blower fans which hit the unit’s walls, hence the sound. Some components are loose if the system makes screeching or scraping noises. When the ductwork and vents are blocked, you might hear a whistling noise. Reaching out to your system contractor would be best. They’ll determine whether you require heating replacement or if they can solve the concerns through repairs.

Reliance Air Services is your to-go company if you are looking for dependable heating services. Our specialists have the relevant technical proficiency and experience needed to provide satisfactory maintenance and repairs. Contact us today for all your heating needs!


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