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WOW! These guys are some of the best contractors I have ever hired. Their work is nothing short of amazing, they are on time and finished early and best yet they delivered an amazing end product! It is really unusual to get both integrity and really great pricing in the same contractor.


five stars

George M.

They installed my system a few months back, I can they were not the cheapest but definitely the most knowledgeable and it worked better than they promised ( they guaranteed 40% energy savings, I’ve actually been saving a little bit more than 50%).

They are also getting ready to install 2 systems at my moms home this week I highly recommend them every time.

five stars

Harry J.

Reliance Air – Service You Can Trust in Sarasota Florida

Air conditioner tune-ups are designed to ensure that equipment will operate according to factory specs while taking system age and condition into consideration. When a cooling system is operating correctly, it will always save you money. When your equipment does not have to work hard, it will always last longer.

Regular service and maintenance for an air conditioner are what will provide cost savings for homeowners in Sarasota, FL. The technicians at Reliance Air Services do find minor problems that are always fixed quickly that prevent bigger issues from costing more money. A routine tune-up is a good way to avoid costly repairs.

As an example, if you have a refrigerant leak, it is easy to repair this when the problem is found early compared to if it is found later. If the compressor burns up, the cost to replace this part is about $1,000. When a compressor is failing, your HVAC system will not be operating efficiently and will cost a few hundred more dollars on your electric bill.

Sarasota’s Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist – The Best AC Tune-Up in Florida

Reliance Air Services tune-up package for HVAC systems includes:

  • Review of all drain lines
  • Inspection of the exterior condenser coil
  • Review pressure levels for precise refrigerant charge
  • Air conditioning cycle monitoring
  • Blower component adjustment
  • Inspection of the amp and voltage drain on every motor
  • Inspect and tighten electrical wires and connections
  • Thermostat cleaning and adjustment

The cost of a tune-up can be recovered by the majority of homeowners through utility savings of about $69 to $99 per system each year. Our service plan is also available to help lower the costs of every tune-up.

Schedule your service appointment today to keep your HVAC system functioning at its best.

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