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They installed my system a few months back, I can they were not the cheapest but definitely the most knowledgeable and it worked better than they promised ( they guaranteed 40% energy savings, I’ve actually been saving a little bit more than 50%).

They are also getting ready to install 2 systems at my moms home this week I highly recommend them every time.

five stars

Harry J.

WOW! These guys are some of the best contractors I have ever hired. Their work is nothing short of amazing, they are on time and finished early and best yet they delivered an amazing end product! It is really unusual to get both integrity and really great pricing in the same contractor.


five stars

George M.

Reliance Air Services – Service You Can Trust in Sarasota Florida

Efficiency is probably one of your biggest concerns when buying a new furnace heating unit. Over the life of the unit, an efficient unit means your investment will pay for itself several times over. Many homeowners also consider the amount of noise a unit makes to be one of the most important considerations; ideally, you won’t even be aware that your heating using is operating, if it has a low sound level. If you are looking at new furnaces in Manatee or Sarasota counties or the surrounding area, call Reliance Air Services today. We pride ourselves on being southwest Florida’s leading heating company, and our expert technicians can save you time, money and stress when installing a new furnace.

If you notice that some rooms in your home seem cooler or warmer than others, it may be time to evaluate your home’s ductwork if you are considering a new furnace. Return air grilles should also be working properly and the right size. Extra comfort can be enjoyed with add-ons, and our technicians can answer any questions.

We Install the Best Furnaces in Sarasota

Here at Reliance Air Services, we take pride in doing the job thoroughly and correctly the first time. We will send an experienced technician to help to assess your needs if you need a new heater installed, or you need to replace any other parts, such as your HEPA or electronic air cleaner, programmable thermostat or dehumidifier.

For consistently good ratings from consumer magazines and one of the industry’s best reliability records, look no further than Amana Heating, a brand we recommend. However, if your preference is for another brand such as Goodman, Rheem or Carrier, our technicians can handle that too.

Our technicians get ongoing training in the latest techniques on installing furnaces and heaters, and of course, they are all fully insured and licensed. And we understand that you want the job finished the same day if possible, without us having to come to your home a second time. That’s why all our service trucks are fully equipped with everything to get the job done.

Protect Your New Furnace with Annual Maintenance or Service Plans

Regular yearly maintenance can keep your new furnace working perfectly, and we offer that service to ensure years of use. Call us on 833-292-4448 for expert same day furnace installation.

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