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They installed my system a few months back, I can they were not the cheapest but definitely the most knowledgeable and it worked better than they promised ( they guaranteed 40% energy savings, I’ve actually been saving a little bit more than 50%).

They are also getting ready to install 2 systems at my moms home this week I highly recommend them every time.

five stars

Harry J.

WOW! These guys are some of the best contractors I have ever hired. Their work is nothing short of amazing, they are on time and finished early and best yet they delivered an amazing end product! It is really unusual to get both integrity and really great pricing in the same contractor.


five stars

George M.

RELIANCE AIR – Service You Can Trust in Sarasota Florida

Reliance Air Services furnace maintenance is designed to save you from premature system breakdown, and the discomfort it causes. When your furnace fails, it is not just a cold night that you experience. You are risking the safety and health of your family without realizing it. Errors in combustion with a gas heating system can cause odorless carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases to be released in the air. When a heat exchanger is faulty, harmful gas from your furnace will circulate through your house which can lead to health issues for your family.

You can avoid the high expense of repairing your furnace by having a routine heating system tune-up. When a professional inspects and diagnoses problems with furnaces, expensive repairs and mistakes will be avoided. Parts that are failing or that have already failed will be found before a much larger problem happens. Reliance Air Services will help you get the very best from your HVAC system in Sarasota Florida. Call us to learn why we are recognized as the best solution for heating and cooling tune-ups in all of Southwestern Florida.

Our licensed and expert technicians will provide your heating system with a comprehensive tune-up that will include the following:

  • Blower component adjustment
  • Test and inspect safety controls
  • Inspect furnace cycle
  • Gas pressure adjustment
  • Inspect burners and heat exchanger
  • Ensure flue draft is operating safely
  • Correct the heat anticipator settings
  • Adjust and inspect the pilot for proper operation
  • Change airflow for precise temperature
  • Tighten component connections and inspect all parts
  • Review amps and voltages for all motors
  • Inspect thermostat functionality

Call 1-833-292-4448 or request your appointment on this website for a complete furnace tune-up.

Sarasota, FL Furnace Maintenance Service Plan!

We have a Service Plan available that is cheaper than calling multiple times a year for a service appointment. You can sign-up for our plan, and we provide scheduled tune-ups through the course of the year for your heating and cooling system.

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