Why Regular Heating System Inspections Are Essential

September 15, 2023
technician checking heater in St Petersburg, FL

At Reliance Air Services, we understand the significance of keeping your heating system in optimal condition. Our company delivers high-quality services that prioritize the efficiency and reliability of your heating system. We are the trusted company for heating repair in St. Petersburg, FL. As experts in the industry, we commit to educating our clients about…

How HVAC Systems Impact Indoor Air Quality

September 8, 2023
HVAC air duct in Sarasota, FL

HVAC systems are important in maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Reliance Air Services is a reliable company for HVAC installation in Sarasota, FL. We explain how these systems impact IAQ in the following ways: Air filtration HVAC systems have air filters that capture dust, allergens, pollen, and other airborne…

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks in Your AC?

August 31, 2023
frozen evaporator coils in Bradenton, FL

An air conditioner (AC) is an essential equipment in every household tasked with cooling your interior spaces. ACs use a refrigerant as a transfer heat medium that replaces heat with cooler air. Nevertheless, the refrigerant can leak, leading to costly damages. Contact Reliance Air Services for AC repair in Bradenton, FL right away. Don’t delay…

Top Reasons Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

June 15, 2023
newly installed heating system Sarasota, FL

Have you ever come indoors to escape the blistering cold only to discover that your heating system just won’t turn on? If this is a recurring problem, then you’ll be glad to know that Reliance Air Services can help. As the go-to company for heating repair in Sarasota, FL, we offer easy heating and cooling…

The Different Components That Make Up an HVAC System

June 6, 2023
HVAC system Sarasota, FL

To keep your HVAC system in great condition, you’ll need to take extra care of each of its components. Not only does doing so keep repairs at bay, but it also ensures peak performance. At Reliance Air Services, we take pride in providing top-notch services right from HVAC installation in Sarasota, FL. As experts in…

Frozen ACs: The Common Reasons

May 22, 2023
dirty AC Coil Sarasota, FL

With the hot Florida weather, a dependable air conditioning system is a must if you are to have a comfortable time indoors. Through constant use, however, it’s possible for your air conditioning unit to freeze up. Should you encounter this or any other issue, know that you can depend on Reliance Air Services for prompt…

Check if Your Heating Is Still an Energy-Efficient Option

April 14, 2023
high energy efficient furnace in a basement St. Petersburg, FL

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to save money on energy bills. But if your heating system’s age has already exceeded its expected service life (20 years for a furnace and 10 years for a heat pump), it’s high time to consider a replacement. At Reliance Air Services, we provide top-quality heating repair in…

How You Can Make the Most of Your Next AC Installation

April 10, 2023
AC unit being installed Bradenton, FL

If you’re facing a pricey AC repair in Bradenton, FL, consider replacing your system instead. Today’s new air conditioning systems cost less to operate, offer convenient features, and could even help you lower your tax burden or get a bigger refund from the IRS when you file your annual tax return. Knowing how you can…

Tax Rebates for HVAC Installations

March 31, 2023
HVAC Worker Installing Energy Saving Heat Pump Sarasota, FL

When your home needs an HVAC installation in Sarasota, FL, you might feel apprehensive about the cost. Although a new heating and cooling system requires an initial investment, your purchase may qualify for some helpful tax rebates. These generous rebates put money back in your pockets when you have our team at Reliance Air Services…

Is Your Furnace On Its Last Legs?

March 15, 2023
an old furnace replacement St. Petersburg, FL

How nice would it be if there was a furnace that could last for years without needing replacement? Unfortunately, no matter how advanced the times have become, there is no such thing as a heating system that will last forever. Our expert team at Reliance Air Services takes pride in providing reliable heating repair in…