Common HVAC Maintenance Mistakes

HVAC system being cleaned by a technician

HVAC systems require proper care and maintenance to serve you for an extended period. Regular tune-ups ensure that it distributes warm and cold air evenly and steadily in your home. Reliance Air Services provides quality HVAC services to ensure your system runs smoothly. However, homeowners often make mistakes when it comes to keeping the unit running well.

Below is a close look at the common HVAC maintenance mistakes you need to avoid.

Trying DIY Repairs

Hiring technicians for HVAC repair is helpful. They have the required knowledge and experience to handle various HVAC issues. In addition, they have the right tools and equipment to handle the task. Attempting DIY repairs can lead to serious problems that cost you money in the future.

Failing to Schedule Regular Maintenance

HVAC maintenance and regular inspection are vital. Lack of routine tune-up is harmful to the system. Furthermore, it compromises your home comfort when the system suddenly fails. You can avoid these issues by scheduling regular servicing by professionals. They inspect the entire system and fix minor issues before they develop into serious concerns.

Not Changing the Air Filters

Failure to change the filters leads to costly repairs. In extreme circumstances, it may prompt premature HVAC replacement. It’s because dust accumulates on the filters, causing a blockage. This causes the system to work harder to attain the desired temperature. The extra force causes more strain on the components, causing damage.

Cleaning the Coils Using an Acid Cleaner

The HVAC coils indeed need to be cleaned. But cleaning them using an acid cleaner can cause damage. This is because it’s not made to stand the side effects of acid and other harsh chemicals. Experts use low-pressure steam water. They pour it directly on the coils and scrub them using a coil brush.

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