Key Features to Look For in an AC Replacement Unit

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Many types of AC units will satisfy your cooling needs and they all have many features. However, it is important to narrow down the best among them all. Reliance Air Services offers reliable services for AC repair in Sarasota, FL. Below, we discuss the key features you need to look for when shopping for a replacement AC unit.


The capacity of an AC unit is expressed in British Thermal Units or BTUs. BTU measures the maximum degree to which the air conditioner can remove heat from a given space. The number of BTUs is determined by the size and the nature of the area to be cooled. For example, a kitchen will require a higher number of BTUs than other building rooms. You should consider all this information when shopping for AC installation services.

Energy Efficiency

This determines how much energy is required to accomplish a given amount of work. Every air conditioning unit has an EnergyGuide label to guide you on this. Every AC unit also has a SEER or Season Energy Efficiency Ratio. Units with high SEER consume less energy and vice versa. This number should be considered when choosing between different appliances for AC replacement.

Maintenance Requirements

A proper AC maintenance routine increases the efficiency and durability of your unit. Shopping for an air conditioning unit during the off-season gives you ample time to choose a better quality product that is less expensive.

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