Preventive Maintenance Essentials For Your Heating System

Technician tinkering with a heating system

Preventive maintenance is imperative for keeping your heating system at peak condition. At Reliance Air Service, you’ve got a reliable partner to ensure that your system is properly functioning through periodic checks. As the premier name for heating repair in Sarasota, FL, we do more than just fix heating issues; we also help prevent them from developing.

Here are a few preventive maintenance practices that are crucial for your heating system.

Cleaning and Replacement of Filters

The filter prevents dirt and debris from entering other parts of your system. Over time, they can become clogged resulting in a dip in the quality of indoor air. Even if you’ve only had a relatively recent heating installation, you still shouldn’t skip this important heating maintenance procedure.

Checking the Condenser

Your condenser can develop motor issues, bent blades, or blown capacitors interfering with functionality. Dirt or debris can also collect on the condenser coil and interfere with the heat exchange process. During our heating maintenance services, we ensure your condenser is free of dirt and running optimally.

Inspecting the Thermostat

The thermostat regulates the temperature of your HVAC system. If your thermostat is defective, it will cause the system to improperly heat your home. As a preventive maintenance routine, have the thermostat checked if it is correctly cycling the heating system. Our experts also check the humidity levels in the home and select the correct thermostat settings. We offer heating replacement services if the thermostat or other parts are defective.

Reliance Air Services is the go-to name for top-quality heating services in Sarasota, FL. Whether you are looking for routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can trust that we’ve got your back. We have a wealth of experience in handling various types of HVAC systems and ensuring they run energy efficiently. Contact us today for customized services!


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