What Happens When You Skip AC Maintenance?

unmaintained AC with dirty filter Sarasota, FL

On sweltering days when you just can’t seem to keep up with the rising temperatures, a functioning air conditioner is essential to staying comfortable. But how can you ensure that your AC unit is constantly running optimally? The answer is simple: regular maintenance.

Our expert technicians at Reliance Air Services aim to help customers break away from the belief that maintenance is nothing but an unnecessary additional expense after AC installation. In truth, skipping AC maintenance can have a series of unwanted effects:

Reduced Efficiency

Without regular AC maintenance, the components of your unit will gradually degrade and become less efficient. This causes it to consume more energy, driving up your energy bills and leading to higher operational costs.

More Frequent Breakdowns

Skipping maintenance can also increase the likelihood of breakdowns. Over time, parts of the unit can become worn or damaged, making it more prone to mechanical and electrical problems. As a result, you may find yourself in need of an emergency AC repair in Sarasota, FL which can be more costly than a regular tune-up.

Poor Air Quality

A neglected AC unit is not only inefficient, but it can also lead to poor air quality. Without regular cleaning and filter changes, the air circulating in your home can become filled with dust particles, bacteria, and other contaminants that can aggravate allergies or cause health issues. This puts you and your family at risk of developing respiratory illnesses.

Shortened Lifespan

It’s only natural that you want your AC unit to last as long as possible. It is an investment, after all. However, if you forego regular maintenance, you can accelerate the deterioration of the unit’s components and reduce its lifespan. This means AC replacement is likely to happen sooner than you’d like.

While investing in regular maintenance may not seem like a priority, it is crucial to keep your unit running smoothly and maximize its longevity. Reliance Air Services is the professional team you can turn to for comprehensive AC services. We’ll ensure that your unit is always in the best condition possible, so you can confidently enjoy a comfortable and healthy environment. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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