Heating Installation

Professional Heating Installation in Sarasota, FL, and Nearby Areas

With 17 years of HVAC experience, it's no wonder why so many locals call Reliance Air Services when they need a new heating system. Fortunately, our experts are renowned for ensuring proper heating installation in Sarasota, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Find out more about heating system installation and the types that are right for your home.


Types of Heating Systems to Consider

Heating systems usually involve a furnace that works with a thermostat. When the temperature on the thermostat reaches the level you selected, the furnace kicks on and works with the system to release warm air. You'll also find boilers that use hot water to produce the steam that heats your home and systems that use a heat pump to circulate warm air.

Professional heating services are always better than DIY jobs because you get a qualified tech who knows what your home needs. Not only will they help you choose the right type and brand, but they'll also ensure that the system works and that you have no problems using it. You can also avoid some of the problems found with improper installation.

Signs of Improper Heating Installation

Poor efficiency is one of the biggest signs of improper heating installation. You will often find that your bills rise quite a bit when you use a new system. We've received calls from locals who experienced other problems such as poor ventilation and a thermostat that doesn't work with their furnace.


Give us a call before you decide that you can't afford a new heater. Our financing options help you afford the new heater and its installation. Our customer base loves that we are locally operated and owned and that we offer 24/7 emergency services through technicians who come to your home in one of our fully stocked trucks. Call today to get any heating services you need from an Authorized Daikin Comfort Professional or to learn about our installation calls.

Contact Our Experts for Proper Installation

Our licensed and insured HVAC contractors make every customer feel happy. You can take advantage of our customer service guarantee and the warranty we offer that covers any repairs you need and labor for up to 10 years. Call Reliance Air Services or fill out the form for an appointment.