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Reliance Air Services now covers SW FL. Any area that is in the circle on the map we service all of your HVAC needs especially LWR AC repair. We deliver as advertised, 5 star service with a smile is guaranteed. Comfort and reliability is what we are about making you a customer for life is are priority.

Reliance Air Services we are much more than your average Lakewood Ranch HVAC contractor. Our Comfort Advisor, Installation Specialists, and Customer Specialists are committed to ensuring that each of our customers knows how the current systems in their LWR, FL home serve them. We then make recommendations for what products or services will further improve their home comfort. With education as our platform, our employees strive to give you an experience like no other. Including 24/7 service, no extra costs for nights weekends for LWR AC repair.


    • LWR AC Repair

      Are you part of The Reliance Air Club Maintenance Program? This service agreement ensures that you receive 2 HVAC system inspections each year, in addition to priority service, repair and service discounts, 1 free service call per system, per year, a lifetime repair guarantee on parts, and more! If you do need AC repair, we’re here 24/7-we know that no emergency happens at a convenient time in your Lakewood Ranch, FL home. Manage your LWR AC repair and AC service needs as soon as possible by getting in touch with our Customer Specialists today.

    • AC Installation

      Do you know your air conditioning installation options? Central air conditioners are still very popular throughout homes in the LWR area, but there are certainly systems with higher energy efficiency that may serve your home better. Take the 2-stage variable AC system for instance-by operating at 2 speeds instead of just one, it conserves energy and saves money. Ask us too about ductless systems and dual fuel systems!

    • Indoor Air Quality

      How’s your indoor air quality? Did you know that allergens, chemicals, and other pollutants can actually make your indoor air quality worse than that of outdoors? That is, unless you have the right air quality systems in place. Threats to your indoor air quality include a humidity imbalance, ventilation problems, and cleanliness. We have the right system options to handle these threats and more, including air duct cleaning, our Aire Filter Program, air filtration and purification systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and heat and energy recovery ventilators.

    • Commercial HVAC

      Do you own a commercial space or run a business in Lakewood Ranch, FL? As business owners in Lakewood Ranch FL ourselves, we understand the challenge of meeting the comfort needs of your building, and that indoor air quality refers to much more than just the temperature of your space. Commercial HVAC jobs are complex, and you need a team of certified, highly trained and educated technicians on your side. You have that with Reliance Air Services! Contact us today for your commercial LWR AC Repair, heating, maintenance, and indoor air quality needs.  We are your go to one stop HVAC contractor that can delivery as promised for all of your HVAC needs.

    • Heating Services

      Heating systems aren’t something we give a whole lot of thought to in Lakewood Ranch, FL. However, our winters are nothing to contend with-the contrast between summer temperatures and winter temperatures is very apparent, especially at night. For a tremendously efficient heating system install the right services to keep it up and running well throughout the years, contact Reliance Air Services. We install and service furnaces, dual fuel systems, heat pumps, and ductless systems, plus 2-stage heaters for ultimate efficiency and comfort.

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