Heating Installation

The No. 1 Choice for Heating Installation in Bradenton, FL

Are you looking forward to the cooler days of fall and winter but worry that your current heating system isn't quite as ready? Here at Reliance Air Services, we know about all the concerns that are on your mind. With our expertise when it comes to heating installation in Bradenton, FL, you can get the best system that matches your needs.


Types of Heating Systems for Your Home

The 17 years of experience we have in the HVAC industry makes us a leading choice for locals who aren't sure what type of system will benefit their homes. Most systems found in Florida use either heat pumps or furnaces. With a furnace, you get warm air in every room because your vents and ducts keep the air flowing. A heat pump does not make hot air but can still heat your home on the coldest of days.

Why You Need Professional Installation

Buying a new heating system can cost quite a bit and much more than you thought you needed to spend. One reason to choose professional installation is that it lets you select the financing option that works for you. This reduces the money you need today to get a heating system before winter hits. We also have an AC maintenance subscription plan called the Reliance Air Club Maintenance Program that includes maintenance for your HVAC system.

Spotting Improper Installation

As an Authorized Diakin Comfort Professional, we work in homes that had heating systems improperly installed in the past. We often hear from people who have thermostats that don't work with their furnaces or furnaces that cause a lot of money to use. You might even see a lot of dust around your home and pick up on some bad odors when they didn't use a filter or used the wrong type.

When to Update Your System

The best time to update your heating system is when you worry that it is outdated. While modern systems are very efficient, older systems use a lot of power and cause your heating bills to climb every year. An outdated system can also cause uneven heating, which leaves some rooms toasty and perfect while other rooms feel just as cold as the outside does. If you see puddles of water around your furnace or hear rumbling noises, give us a call for a heating replacement.

Reason to Pick Reliance Air Services

When you contact Reliance Air Services, you reach a team of insurance and licensed HVAC technicians who can install, maintain, and repair most of the top makes and models. Our techs are available 24/7 for emergency repairs and arrive with stocked trucks that have everything they need. Our installation services come with both a customer satisfaction guarantee and a traditional warranty that lasts for an entire decade.

Have Us Install Your Heating System Today

Leave it to Reliance Air Services for heating services that ensure long-lasting benefits. Reach out to our locally-owned and -operated company today by calling our team or filling out the form.