Heating Repair

Professional Heating Repair in Palmetto, FL

Whereas the Florida weather doesn’t get bone-chilling cold, you might encounter some low temperatures that require a fully functional heating unit. It is frustrating to find that your system doesn’t produce enough warmth or fails to start when you need it most. That’s why you need the expertise of Reliance Air Services for heating repair in Palmetto, FL.


Common Heating Issues Need to be Addressed ASAP

At Reliance Air Services, we aim to ensure your comfort at all times. We have been serving the area for about 17 years and can fix any issue that affects your heater. Some common problems we correct are failure to start, a faulty thermostat, a dirty filter, a flickering pilot switch, and a problematic heat exchanger. However, none of these can outdo our expertise. We fix every issue and get your unit functioning optimally in no time.

Why Prompt Heating Repair Is Important

It is crucial that you contact our experts as soon as you notice something wrong with your heating unit. This allows us to fix minor issues early enough at a friendly cost. However, if you delay, you may require a more extensive repair or replacement that will cost you a fortune. Moreover, some heating issues only worsen with time. Apart from damaging your unit, they may also affect your entire furnace, thus compromising your comfort.

In our experience, a faulty unit usually requires more energy to keep supplying the necessary heat. This, in turn, leads to higher monthly energy bills. Consequently, you bear an extra burden of increased bills while enduring the unit’s inefficiency. However, by relying on our full range of heating services, you get a guarantee of comfort and efficient energy consumption.


Signs of Heating System Problems

  • Uneven heating
  • Noises in the unit
  • Frequent cycles
  • A foul smell from the unit
  • Cold air from the vents

How Routine Maintenance Can Help Avoid Bigger Issues

At Reliance Air Services, we provide heating maintenance and heating installation for most of the top heating brands in the area. Our experts recommend annual maintenance checks to keep your unit functioning optimally. When we come in for a routine inspection, we inspect the entire unit for minor issues and perform the required servicing such as cleaning, oiling, tightening, changing the filter, and confirming that all the electrical wiring is in order.

The benefit of having these appointments is that they help us to arrest minor issues before they worsen. We also help prevent a total breakdown of the unit by replacing worn-out parts and advising you on the best way to care for the heating system.

A Host of Benefits by Working With Our Team

At Reliance Air Services, your absolute comfort and happiness are among our priorities. We guarantee you a service that will go the extra mile. By providing a prompt response, we make it a point that you do not have to bear the unpleasant cold longer than necessary. An authorized Daikin Comfort Professional, we make sure to arrive at your doorstep with a fully-stocked van ready to accomplish all tasks required.

All our services come with excellent financing options. We know that heating repair may not be part of your monthly budget, so we give you an easier alternative to allow you to work within your means. Our service and replaced parts also come with a 10-year guarantee.

Look No Further Than Our Team for All Heating-Related Needs

Why let the cold in when you have a current heating system that just needs an expert’s hand? Reach out to Reliance Air Services and experience prompt and professional heating repair work in Palmetto, FL. Call our trusted HVAC company or fill out the form to schedule your appointment.