Siesta Key, FL

The Leading HVAC Company in Siesta Key, FL

Siesta Key, known for its stunning beaches and warm climate, often experiences high temperatures year-round, making reliable HVAC systems crucial for residents' comfort. At Reliance Air Services, we understand the importance of maintaining efficient cooling and heating systems in Siesta Key's homes and businesses. Our expert HVAC services make sure that residents can enjoy optimal indoor comfort regardless of the weather conditions, allowing them to fully appreciate all that the local area has to offer. Trust us to provide you with professional assistance that only a leading HVAC company in Siesta Key, FL, can offer.


    A Diverse Range of High-Quality HVAC Services

    Reliance Air Services offers exceptional HVAC services tailored to every household in The Sunshine State. With over 17 years of experience serving residents, we're the best choice to ensure your comfort all year round. Our services include:

    • HVAC Installation

      Let us install your HVAC system for energy efficiency and extended lifespan, coupled with maintenance services for optimal function monitoring.

    • AC Services

      Rely on us for reliable AC solutions to keep you cool year-round.

    • AC Replacement & Installation

      Upgrade your home with a new air conditioning unit from Reliance Air Services, backed by exceptional ten-year warranties.

    • AC Repair

      Reach out to our experts for help with any cooling-related issues, as we will restore your unit to perfect working condition.

    • Ductless Mini-Split Repair, Installation & Replacement

      Enjoy better airflow and energy efficiency with a ductless mini-split system, along with repair and maintenance services.

    • Duct Cleaning

      Maintain maximum indoor air quality with clean ducts, assuring you that your air remains free from allergens and dirt.

    • Heating Services

      Don’t be caught off guard during the cold season— make sure your heating unit is functional through our heating services.

    • Heating Repair

      Trust us to repair all heating units, with emergency repair services available for immediate action.

    • Heating Maintenance & Tune-up

      Keep your unit running smoothly with routine maintenance sessions, including inspections, tune-ups, and minor repairs.

    • Heating Installation & Replacement

      Go for professional assistance to repair or replace your heating unit and enjoy comfort and efficiency.

    • Furnace Repair, Installation & Replacement

      We are here to install and maintain your furnace for proper heat distribution and energy efficiency.

    • Heat Pump Repair, Installation & Replacement

      Our experts provide professional heat pump installation and repairs to keep your unit working optimally.

    • Gas Furnace Repair & Installation

      Call us for gas furnace repair when you need to prevent leaks and ensure proper functioning for years to come.

    Let Us Assist You Today

    Reliance Air Services ensures customer satisfaction with every service. Take advantage of our outstanding financing options and AC maintenance plan for a cool environment at all times. With fully stocked trucks and assistance for credit-challenged customers, we're here to help you stay comfortable. Additionally, we offer assistance to customers facing credit challenges through our partners at SELF Financing. Take advantage of our 7/7 loan program, featuring a low 7% interest rate for a 7-year term. Don't hesitate to apply now!

    Reach out to Reliance Air Services today for unparalleled comfort. Contact us via phone or our online form to schedule an appointment.